Teaching and speaking

I recently spent eighteen months as a full-time professor and Executive Resident at Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College. I taught five master’s level courses addressing leadership, managing change, education policy, and the future of learning. I continue to be affiliated with the university as an adjunct member of the faculty.

These four short recordings are used in my courses to give students a quick briefing on the basics of K-12 public education in the United States: The Purpose of Public Education is Contested; The System is Highly Decentralized; How Well the System is Doing Depends on Who You Ask; and Improving Our Schools is a Serious Management Challenge.

I also speak about these and other topics. One of my talks this year was at Pittsburgh’s Thrival Innovation Festival. It was called Shooting from Half Court: Education Reform and How We Can Do Better. Afterward, I teamed up with Derrius Quarles, author and founder of Million Dollar Scholar, for a discussion and Q & A. Another talk I have given recently focuses on Data Use in Education through the lens of the teacher effectiveness work we did in Pittsburgh Public Schools.