A suite of services are available to change leaders through Sam Kent Strategy, my private consulting practice launched in 2015. These services are benefitting a variety of organizations including start-up companies, schools, consulting groups, established nonprofits and new ones.

Strategic planning

An innovative, streamlined approach to strategic planning is designed for the realities of change leadership. It cuts out the wordsmithing and circling on sections that ultimately provide little value under the pressures of implementation and focuses on the content that matters. We spend time defining the problem to create a shared understanding of the why, do detailed program design to ensure clarity about the what, and lay out the process details (the how) so that the roadmap is clear. Clients finish with a complete toolkit for strategic change.

Advising and consulting

Struggling with a particular implementation challenge? Navigating a complex shift in strategy? Dealing with a challenging crisis and trying to turn it into an opportunity? I work directly with clients on a project-basis to deliver concrete, agreed-upon outcomes that help their communities move forward. I also work in collaboration with larger consulting groups to provide additional senior-level capacity and expertise to timely strategy and implementation projects.


Leading change is hard, and few leaders are trained for it. Many feel pressure to solve problems for their communities rather than creating a shared process through which these problems can be shared and solved together. In just two or three one-hour sessions I help leaders breakthrough barriers they are feeling, reframe how they view the challenge, and see a path forward that will benefit them and their stakeholders. I also provide ongoing thought partnership for senior executives or new managers leading big change for the first time.


The newest addition to my services portfolio, I speak about skills and strategies for leading change in complex environments, education issues, social trends and creative ideas discussed here on my blog at samkfranklin.com and tailored to the needs of your event or organization.