I designed and opened the Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy, a sixth through twelfth grade school designed to prepare all students for college regardless of prior academic preparation. I started the project as a graduate student with a team of colleagues and led it through its opening as a public magnet school. Today, it’s the most innovative, integrated, and highest performing public high school in the city. Recently, through one of my courses, a team of graduate students went back through the archives of everything we used to open this school, and worked with me to build a school design toolkit. Then, we applied this toolkit to a new school design project in partnership with The Pittsburgh Promise™. I’m also exploring even more outside-the-box school designs that would have been hard to even envision five years ago but may soon be within reach.

School Design Toolkit

  • Program summary – Communicating a detailed vision
  • Process plan – Outlining how the school will be brought to life
  • Budget – Detailing various cost drivers and scenarios
  • Master schedule – Framing how the program will work for students and teachers

Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy

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